Security Analyst for Minneapolis MN.....on W2 of Client

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I am looking for Security analyst for Minneapolis MN location.This is a contract to hire Position. I am looking for those who can work on W2 of client. If you are interested revert back with you updated profile.

Security Analyst

Minneapolis MN


Job Details:


Team: 12 people

Years of experience: Either a regular Analyst (5-10 years of exp.) or a Sr. Analyst (10+ years).




·         * This is a technical and administrative role.

·         * Security Architect usually kicks off the projects and then passes it off to this individual.

·         * He said that he doesn't need someone to come in and configure firewalls, but rather, some that understands and can talk about why they configure firewalls.

·         * Communication skills are huge. Someone that understands the nuances of changing their approach dependent on the audience (whether it is a group of MD's, several executives, or a team on the operations side).

·         * He said that for some reason, they always get sent engineering types that have trouble communicating with a wide variety of people.


They will spend a lot of time working with:


·         * 3rd party risk assessments.

·         * PCI posturing

·         * Working with 3rd party agreements

·         * "Teasing out" information from stakeholders

·         * They do 350+ risk assessments per year.


From the CSO – 2 questions to ask each candidate, that they should be able to readily answer:


·         1) What does SIM do?

·         2) Why would you use Palo Alto?


They technologies they work with (they don't need experience with all of these - comparable technologies is fine):


·         * Palo Alto

·         * LogRythm

·         * Bit9

·         * Everything in the MS stack

·         * Net IQ (this is something they're currently moving to)


Required Information:


Candidate Legal Name:

Opportunity Submitting to:


Contact info (phone, E-mail, address):


Availability to start:

Availability to interview:

Pay rate:

Burden (20%, 26%, 4$) Explain benefit status:


Corp to Corp information:

Immigration Status:

Communication skills (English): 

Current Location:

Other (client specific info for sub - SSN digits, Birth day/month digits etc) ):

Currently interviewing/working/why looking? Explain status:

Has this candidate been submitted to, interviewed for or worked for this client in the past?

Has the candidate been met in person?

Do we have an LOE in place?


Sell Notes - Why a fit for THIS opportunity. Be specific. No generic write ups from the resume.


Thanks for your time & Consideration.

Raushan Kumar

Sr. Technical Recruiter

Hanac Solutions

1474 37th st. NE, Cleveland TN,37312


W: 423-509-8419

C: 423-665-2412

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