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Friday, October 28, 2011

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    Tubs Monareng <tubatsana@gmail.com> Oct 28 08:47AM +0200  

    We have the following players for Wingate today tee off 12:50
    1. Chairman
    2. Soso
    3. KG
    4. Ntuli
    5. Funzani
    6. Deiza
    I am canceling the 3rd four-ball. Two more players required and please note that if you rock up at the course without confirming with me you doing that at your own risk.
    Tubatsana Monareng


    Tubatsana Monareng <tubatsana@gmail.com> Oct 28 10:48AM +0200  

    KG cancelled and we have two available spaces because I have cancelled the
    third 4-ball. Wingate today tee off 12:50.


    Tubs Monareng <tubatsana@gmail.com> Oct 28 09:27AM +0200  

    I forgot Edwin he is the 7th player. One more player required
    Tubatsana Monareng
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