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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Loan Modification is Stressful; Know Your Options | RISMedia
When the Obama administration rolled out the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) in 2009, officials estimated 3 to 4 million borrowers would seek relief.
National Mortgage News - Pressure to Preserve VA Loan Limits
The American Legion is calling on Congress to extend the $729750 loan limit on Department of Veterans Affairs guaranteed loans before the ceiling drops down to $625500 on January 1.
National Mortgage News
SolarCity Military Project A Go, Even After Losing Federal Loan
By The Huffington Post News Team
SAN FRANCISCO -- A $1 billion solar energy project that lost a federal loan in the wake of the Solyndra bankruptcy and related investigations is back on track to nearly double the number of panels on residential rooftops in the U.S. San Mateo, ...
Energy on Huffington Post
City Takes Out Loan To Repay Katrina Debt - Project Economy ...
NEW ORLEANS -- Despite criticism from the state treasurer, New Orleans city leaders took out a loan to pay a $15 million Katrina debt. Wednesday, November 30, 2011. - Local News
Analyst: Philadelphia's Loan To Philadelphia Media Network Inc ...
By TimothyJMcL
Could there be a conflict of interest in the way Philadelphia's two major papers cover city government in the future?
CBS Philly
Banks Increase Loan Provisions As Recession Deepens | Business ...
By business
Talk of Canada surfacing from the current recession has begun to fade. In its place is the stark reality that this recession hasn't hit rock bottom yet. Instead, tougher times are expected to come, and Canadian businesses will suffer as a result. ...
Business Loan
Libby, Golf Club at Odds Over Development Loan | Flathead Beacon
By Justin Franz
Mayor Doug Roll won't call it a conflict, more of a "misunderstanding," but issues have arisen between the city of Libby and the Cabinet View Golf Club in regard to a $1.5 million loan and sewer system built to connect a new housing ...
Flathead Beacon Headlines
Pressure to Preserve VA Loan Limits
By Brian Collins/National Mortgage News
The American Legion is calling on Congress to extend the $729750 loan limit on VA-guaranteed loans before the ceiling drops down to $625500 on Jan. 1.
Breaking News
VA Loans And Maximum Loan Limits |
By Joe Wallace
There is much information available about VA loan limits, but sometimes some confusion as well. The Department of Veterans Affairs states in its rules for lenders that there is no set dollar amount limit on a VA home loan. This statement is ...
SolarCity Receives $1 Billion Loan from BoA | Stock Market News
By edliston
Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) has come to the aid of SolarCity to go ahead with the $1billion solar project to install solar cells on rooftops of military housing,
Stock Market News
Payday Loan for Small Business « Type of Classic Car Insurance
By admin
Many people in this world run a business to stay alive and get the better life. The business that they build, start from the very beginning until they develop it. When they run the small business, they might be easy to get the problem. The common ...
Type of Classic Car Insurance
No Fax No Credit Check Payday Loan | Business Investment
By admin
It is now extremely important to locate reputable cash loan lenders now that Payday loans the newest rules imposed simply by various state government.
Business Investment
FHA Loan Limits and Non-Occupying Co-Borrowers | FHA News ...
By Joe Wallace
If you're buying a single-family home with an FHA insured mortgage, FHA loan rules require you to certify the property will be your primary residence. But FHA loans do permit a loan with co-borrowers who do not plan to occupy the property.
FHA News and Views
Mortgage Loan Specialist 4 — Clearing and Settlement
By RSS Feed
Title: Mortgage Loan Specialist 4 – RESPA Post ClosingLocation: Virginia-VA-Richmond-VA-Richmond-Riverview CenterResponsible for performing a variety of routine and non-routine loan administration, operations, customer service or ...
Clearing and Settlement — Clearing...

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