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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Facing a lion in the African savanna is an experience of a life time.
From this day your life will change forever. Hunting a lion is
traditional, fun, and dangerous.

Lion hunt is a historical practice that played an important role in
the Maasai culture. The practice is different from trophy hunting; it
is symbolically a rite of passage rather than a hobby.

The Maasai tribe sees lion hunting experience as a sign of bravery and
personal achievement. In the past, when the lion population was high,
the community encouraged solo lion hunting. However, over the last ten
years, due to the decline of the lion population, mainly because of
rabies and canine distemper virus, the community has adapted a new
rule that encourages warriors to hunt in groups instead of solo lion
hunt. Group hunting, known in Maasai as olamayio, gives the lion
population a chance to grow.

Lion hunting experience allows the Maasai warriors to show off their
fighting ability on a non-human target. At the end of each age-set,
usually after 10-15 years, the warriors must count all the lions
hunted, then compare them with those hunted by the previous age-set.

The success of lion hunting brings gratitude and excitement to the
entire community. The achievement is perceived as individual bravery.
The community will honor Olmurani lolowuaru (the hunter) with much
respect throughout his lifetime. The hunter will also receive a
nickname, for example, Miseyieki, from his colleagues. Miseyieki means
no one will ever dare to mess with him. When the warriors attend
ceremonies in other communities, they will praise their colleague
through songs, so other warriors can acknowledge their member.

We at Hennie Viljoen Africa Hunting Safaris invite you to hunt your
next lion or plains game safaris with us. Plains game can be combined
with lion, buffalo, Elephant, Rhino or leopard.

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Regards and safe hunting.


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