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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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    <cmacheke@mweb.co.za> Dec 14 03:57PM +0200  

    Dear Golfers
    I have organised two four balls at Bryanstan tee off 12h10 for this friday. Please respond to me asap so that I can confirm the take up with the Proshop.
    1. Collin Macheke
    2. Peter Ntuli


    <cmacheke@mweb.co.za> Dec 14 03:54PM +0200  

    Dear Golfers
    For the past three years Renaissance golfers have been associated with Callies golf club. Every year Callies golf club organises a charity golf day. Even this year we duly supported and the event went a long way in raising funds for charity.
    Herewith their teazer for next year's event to be held on 25the May and feedback on the 2011 event. Further information will follow.
    Collin Macheke
    From: diane@markmywords.co.za
    Sent:2011-12-08 16:03:24
    To: diane@markmywords.co.za
    Subject:Super Shongwe Memorial 2012
    Dear Friends

    It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Annual Super Shongwe Golf Day for 2012 will take place on the 25th of May at Pretoria Golf Club and we extend and early invitation to make this day available in your 2012 diaries. Please see attached letter for more information.

    Kind Regards
    Diane Mark



    Cell : 0827939337
    Email : diane@markmywords.co.za
    Fax : 0866480564

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